Friday, June 15, 2012

Navy Outfit

Since I live in Maryland and this week has been all about the tall ships coming into our harbor I thought I would do a navy themed outfit.  I wore a stripped navy and white shirt that a friend gave me from forever 21.  I really think the navy and white strips are in this season!  I have seen so many people wearing it.  I also had on navy colored pants that I bought from Goodwill for about $5.00.  They say that they are 7 For All Mankind, but when I look at the tag they say made in China which is normal a sign of knockoff pants.  Either way I just love them.  They have three buttons on each side where the zipper would be and a string to tie at the waist.  My heels are super comfy and from DSW.  I then added some gold accents with a gold hair band I got from ULTA and gold earrings from etsy and topped it all off with a gold starfish bracelet.  For some reason when I think of navy and white I also think of gold.

Link to Youtube Video: Outfit

Friday, June 8, 2012

Photos of the day from Friday, June 8, 2012.Here are some pics of me and my pup heading to work and some photos of me acting goofy at work.  I decided to wear my hair up today after watching a YouTube video, but I need a few more goes at it before it looks like what I saw in the video.  I always like to take advantage of my fresh highlights and pull my hair back a lot when I just get my hair done.  It doesn't look as good pulled back when my roots are showing. (Cinder is a Shiba Inu by the way.  Yes, she does look like a fox)

Cinder and her mommy stopped at a long red light.

Haha, too cute with her eyes closed.

My hot pink lips :)

Is the light green yet?
  Cinder watching out the window.

Finally arrived at work.

Hair up today! Full Outfit Video