Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How to Get Natural Tan Looking Legs

How to Get Natural Tan Looking Legs

So I have tried just about everything to get a tan for my pale legs, just as I am sure most women have.  Tried the spray tans at tanning salons like the Mystic Tan.  I do like the Mystic tan but I don't like how it fades away all splotchy and that I have to drive to the salon and pay a decent amount of money for something that only lasts about a week.  I've tried spray tans that you do yourself.  The best spray tan I have found is the one from Sephora.  It's just their brand.  The problem I found with that is that it goes on pretty much clear so it's hard to tell if you are getting the right spots.  It also seems that a $15 will last me about a month, but it seems like too much work.  I then found the Lorac Tantalizing lotion.  I love the tan/bronze look it gives me, but my legs are so white (almost purple haha) that it seems my family and boyfriend really notice it and when I took the time to go out on my front porch in the natural light and examine my legs it was a little splotchy and had a slight hint of orange.  So, sitting in the room annoyed that I couldn't find a good solution I cam up with a very strange solution.  When I wear the Lorac lotion I know it rubs off so I have to be careful when I wear it.  That typically isn't a problem because I seem to just really want to wear it when I am going out somewhere and not in my house where I am going to stain something.  Soooooo here is where my crazy idea came into place.  I thought well I put make-up on my face to make it more tan sometimes why couldn't I mix it with the Lorac and get a more natural color. AMAZEBALLS!!!  Not only did my legs have color, but it was natural looking color and since I've tried it again I have notice how flawless it makes my legs look.  I used some old Nutragena foundation that was a little too dark for my face and mixed it with the Lorac.  It didn't sweat off me and didn't look funny at all.  The only thing is it will rub off on stuff so be careful.  I mainly care about my legs.  My arms actually seem to get color, but my legs are horrible so this is a great solution for me. Below is a pic of my legs on a day we went out.  I think my legs look great for once in my life :)


YouTube Video on Tan Legs 

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